St Joseph's College

Tennyson Grandstand

Architect: Macksey Rush Architects

A large redevelopment of the St Joseph's Gregory Terrace playing fields in Tennyson was undertaken following the flood of 2011, which inundated the site. One component of this redevelopment was a new grandstand and state-of-the-art training facility. The lower level includes new public amenities, storerooms, player change rooms and ice baths. The upper level includes a large open concourse with views to both the main oval to the east and secondary oval to the west. Tiered seating for 500 is also located below the cantilevered roof. The the north and south of the grandstand, terraced concrete 'wings' provide additional seating and frame the oval space. This project included the redevelopment of the existing Rodgers Pavilion, with the additional of an honour wall and deck space.


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