Building Information Modelling (BIM)

At Sheehy & Partners we pride ourselves with being at the forefront of construction technology. This has meant the adoption and utilisation of the latest in BIM technology to provide efficiencies and comprehensive documentation to our clients. Utilising BIM software we are able to ensure accurate coordination with other disciplines and stakeholders.


Modelling our projects in 3D facilitates detailed understanding of the project being designed. We can visualise how elements and connections will be implemented in conjunction with the architectural design and other services to eliminate clashes and conflicts prior to construction commencing. This reduces costs and increases efficiency throughout the design and construction phase.

Sheehy & Partners utilise Revit and 12d Civil to complete our structural and civil documentation, which is continuously coordinated with other disciplines to provide a complete and accurate design for the client and project team. If you would like to discuss the advantages of utilising BIM in your next project please don't hesitate to contact us via the details on the Contact page.

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